Tail Lighting Tinting

As far as we know, we are the only shop in Omaha offering tail light tinting!

A tail light tint is a permanent, non-reversible spray application that we add to your tail lights, side markers, and other lights. This is a multistage process, producing tail lights that look like no other. When we are finished, your tail lights will have an amazing gloss and a custom look. You can even wax the lights!

We offer this service during the warmer season only and prices vary per vehicle and what exactly you are wanting.

Clear Bra/Paint Protection

Scotchgard Paint Protection FilmWe offer a clear paint protection film that is generally placed on your hood and fenders to prevent ugly rock chips. This clear shield is a specially formulated protective film that is placed on rocker panels, door edges, and lower panels to prevent scratches and chips.

Clear Bra prices start at $60, but we guarantee to beat anyone in Omaha on price on this product! Our Clear Bra products come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Total Paint Correction

This is a very meticulous procedure and is not meant for just any car. This is mostly done for show cars or for the removal of deep scratches created by mechanical car washes. This process is done by hand and takes a lot of time, but it will make your paint look better than it did from the factory!

Prices are by estimate only.

Additional Products

Door Edge Guards$10 a door
These go along edge of door to prevent paint chipping and paint transfer when you open the door and hit another object.

Door Handle Cup Guards$15 a door
This is where we apply clear bra to the door handle area to prevent scratches in that area.

Both of these items are clear and you can barely see them. Its the same material that is used for rock chip prevention.

Undercoating - packages start at just $200.

Yearly touch ups - $45.99

Upgrade to Por-15 - undercarriage treatment for an additional - $150

During this process we raise your vehicle using our lift and apply the undercoating treatment that will help prevent any rusting on your newer vehicle.

Have an older vehicle that may have some undercarriage rust starting to show? No problem we can also apply rust converting chemicals prior to the undercoating treatment.

Auto Armor Paint Sealant

Packages start at just $200

Other places may say that you will never ever have to wax your vehicle again! Come on, lets think about it. Does white gold always stay white? No its coating eventually wears off. Does the soles of your tennis never get wore down? You and I both wish that was true. The truth is, nothing lasts forever, but with proper care and maintenance the products can last a long time. We offer a great paint sealant product with a reasonable 2 year warranty, but come back once a year to get it retreated for only $49.99. This product helps "prevent" damage from hard water, bird droppings and other harsh environmental hazards. This warranty does not cover swirl marks or lights scratches caused by washing your vehicle. It is mainly a preventative measure to help protect your paint from damage. Essentially if the water does not bead off your car when you wash it, bring the vehicle in and we reapply the sealant. When you purchase the paint sealant package we would recommend you consider purchasing a booklet of wash and wax packages at a greatly discounted price.

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