Complete Car Detail

Interior before and after

A car detail is for those ready to take the simple car wash to the next level. Car detailing will revive your car, inside and out, making it look new again. A complete auto detailing consists of everything included in the interior and exterior detail (services listed below) plus a trunk vacuum, engine bay steam cleaning, and a discounted price!

Complete Car Detail/Small Pickup – $120

Full Size Truck Detail/Small SUVs/Crossovers – $145

Vans/Large SUVs – $170

Interior Car Detail

An interior car detail consists of a carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, scrub of all plastic panels (dash, doors, etc.), conditioner application, leather seat cleaning, floor mat cleaning, interior window cleaning.(there may be extra charges if your vehicle is extremely dirty or has an abundent amount of pet hair, these charges are determined by amount of extra time needed to detail your vehicle.)

Interior Car Detail/Small Pickups – $70

Full Size Truck Detail/Small SUVS/Crossovers – $85

Vans/Large SUVS – $95


Exterior Car Detail

Tires before and after
An exterior detailing begins with a hand mitt car wash. Unlike other shops, Auto Inceptions only uses hand mitts for car washing, not machines, and employs only the finest quality ingredients. The wheels and tires are cleaned, and the exterior surfaces are clay barred before the application of a carnauba wax.

Exterior Car Detail/Small Pickup – $70

Full Size Truck Detail/Small SUVs/Crossovers – $85

Vans/Large SUVs – $95


Detail Add-Ons/Extras

Extra Dirty or pet hair charges – vary and will be discussed at appointment time

Meguiars Paint Sealant– $30

Carnuba Hand Wax – $20

Leather conditioner- Meguiars Leather Treatment– $20

Fabric Stain gaurd- 3M Fabric Protectant $30

Rain X/Aquapel – $20

Compound – By Estimate Only (this process removes about 95% of paint scratches)

Headlight Cleaning – $60 (takes about 20 minutes)

Why get a detail?

If you are selling your vehicle, a car or truck detailing will help the vehicle sell faster and for more money. Your vehicle gets you to your place of employment, to your hot date, and to the grocery store. Don’t you think it deserves a detail? I do! In fact, my car loves me because she gets a nice bath every week and a complete car detail every 4 – 6 months!

A car detail is fairly inexpensive and is recommended at least every 6 months. In between a complete car detail, an express detail or even a car wash and vac is a great idea to help maintain the beautiful look your car craves while maintaining its value!

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